Legacy Support

Legacy support is provided for the original ImpactFolios manager and designs prior to 2019.

Important Note: Legacy designs and manager are no longer being developed. We recommend our customers migrate to the new manager, which supports all modern technologies.

Before emailing us with your question, please review the questions and answers found on this page.

If your question is not answered in the list below or in the Setup Guide, please contact our ImpactFolios Support team.

Account Questions (General)

  • Can I change my username?
  • How do I cancel my account?
  • I've lost my password
  • My site expired - can I get it back?
  • Using an existing domain name with ImpactFolios
  • Who owns my domain name?

    Design Questions

  • Adding YouTube Videos to a Page
  • How Do I Add Background Music?
  • How do I change my design?
  • Why can't I see Flash on my smartphone?

    Email Setup

  • Generic Email setup instructions for Mail Clients
  • How can I get an email account?
  • Setting up Email with Outlook
  • What email address does the contact form use?

    Images and Portfolio Management

  • How do I change my Homepage Image?
  • How do I make a portfolio private?
  • How do I protect my images from theft?
  • How do I sell my art work?
  • How do I upload Images?
  • Password Protecting and Hiding Portfolios


  • Adding images to basic pages
  • Adding PDFs to your website
  • How do I create a basic page for my site?
  • How do I create a Guestbook?
  • How do I create links on a page?
  • How to Link to Subpages
  • How to Setup an Etsy Shop Page

    Payment Questions

  • What are my Pricing Options?
  • What payment methods do you accept?
  • When am I billed?

    Social Media / Marketing

  • Google Sitemap and Analytics
  • How do I create an Etsy Shop on my website?
  • Search Engine Tips
  • Verifying your Site with Pinterest