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ImpactFolios websites are designed to be search engine friendly, and include specific features that improve the visibility of your website.

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Search Engine Solutions

ImpactFolios offers unique features which directly integrate with search engine and social media websites.

Google Integration

ImpactFolios offers direct integration with Google Services.

  • Google Sitemap - Provides Google a map of your site, updated real time, which can provide faster and a more comprehensive listing for your website.
  • Google Analytics - Direct integration with Google Analtyics can provide you with website usage statistics. Find out where your visitors are coming from, what they are searching for, and how they use your website.
  • Google Images - Your art work can be listed on Google Image Search, allowing for even more exposure for your art work.

    FaceBook Feeds

    Take advantage of the Internet's most popular Social Networking Platform

  • ImpactFolios Blog Feeds can update your FaceBook fan page automatically - any time you post a new blog on your website.
  • Our Blog / FaceBook feed feature has been proven to dramatically increase traffic to artist's websites by providing a constant real time stream of updates to your FaceBook fan base.

    SEO Optimized Websites

    ImpactFolios websites are optimized for search engine rankings

  • Search engine friendly designs, engineered for all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc)
  • ImpactFolios websites are tuned to be efficiently indexed (read and listed) by search engine spiders
  • Lightweight, streamlined websites retain more visitors, ensuring that visitors that find your site, stay on your site!

    Twitter Updates

    Push your website updates to Twitter

  • Push your ImpactFolios updates directly to your Twitter followers.
  • Keep your fan base informed and interested in your art work, any time you update your website.

    Flexible RSS Feeds

    RSS Feeds provide extended options for other services

  • Visitors can subscribe to your website, right from their web browser. This sends updates directly to their web browser when your website is updated!
  • RSS feeds, offered with all ImpactFolios accounts, allow for integration with services that support RSS. Interested in doing something different? Contact us and we can help!