Legacy Support

Legacy support is provided for the original ImpactFolios manager and designs prior to 2019.

Important Note: Legacy designs and manager are no longer being developed. We recommend our customers migrate to the new manager, which supports all modern technologies.

Adding images to basic pages

You can insert images onto your content pages - the image just needs to be hosted in a portfolio on your ImpactFolios web page, on another website, or in the "music / video / pdf" section.

Once you have uploaded your image to one of these locations, do the following to insert it into a page.

  1. Click on the page under the pages section that you wish to add the image to.
  2. Using the HTML editor, click the picture button, located on the second menu bar of the HTML editor. A pop up window will appear.
  3. Click the Browse Server button.
  4. You will be presented with a list of all of your available portfolios and files available through the "Music / Video / PDF" section. In the left side pane, click on the portfolio containing the image that you wish to insert.
  5. The right side pane will refresh with a list of available images in the selected portfolio. Click on the image you wish to insert.
  6. The file dialog will now close, and you will see the properties window for the image you have selected. Here, you can make a few changes to effect the appearance of the image on the page:
    • The "width" and "height" properties can be adjusted to resize the image on the page. These are proportionally resized, so that the image does get distorted.
    • Use the "align" property to determine how the image will be aligned in relation to the text on the page. For example, choosing "Left" will cause the image to appear on the left side of the page, with the text wrapping to the right.
    • Use the "vspace" and "hspace" properties to create space between the image and the text wrapping around the image.
  7. When you are done, click the "ok" button, and the image will be inserted on the page.

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