Legacy Support

Legacy support is provided for the original ImpactFolios manager and designs prior to 2019.

Important Note: Legacy designs and manager are no longer being developed. We recommend our customers migrate to the new manager, which supports all modern technologies.

How do I sell my art work?

Yes, ImpactFolios offers integrated ecommerce included with each account. This option allows you to sell your work directly through your portfolio. You have total control over your pricing, delivery options and products. There is no additional charge for this service, and we do not take a percentage of your sales. Payments are accepted directly through your PayPal account (additional fees may apply through PayPal). Please note that you must signup for a PayPal account in order to utilize the ecommerce feature.

To enable e-commerce on your site:

  1. First, you must have a full account with ImpactFolios.  Trial accounts can not use the ecommerce features, for technical reasons.
  2. Visit the "e-commerce settings" link, found under "Personal Settings".
  3. Here you will find two options for e-commerce: Etsy and Paypal.
  4. Enabling the Etsy option allows you to Import items from your Etsy account, and is different than the Paypal e-commerce option.
  5. To enable Paypal selling options, simply enter the email address associated with your Paypal account, and then click save.  Ecommerce options will now be available to you.

To add items to sell:

  1. Click on the portfolio containing the item you wish to sell, found under the "Portfolio Management" heading.
  2. Next to each image in your portfolio, you will find a "sell image" button. Click this to view your sales items, or to add new ones.
  3. For each option you wish to sell, enter a title, price and shipping method.  Then click save.
  4. If you have options for different dimensions, colors, etc. you can create them here by adding a sales item for each.


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