Legacy Support

Legacy support is provided for the original ImpactFolios manager and designs prior to 2019.

Important Note: Legacy designs and manager are no longer being developed. We recommend our customers migrate to the new manager, which supports all modern technologies.

Using an existing domain name with ImpactFolios

If you already have an existing domain name, you can easily use your domain name to ImpactFolios.

During the upgrade process, you will be presented with two options - 1. choose a new domain name or 2. transfer your existing domain name. If you are transferring your domain name, please be sure to select the option that reads "Transfer existing domain name" so that our developers can begin the transfer process.

Please note that each domain transfer scenario is different. For further information on domain transfers, please contact our support team via email at help@impactfolios.com or by phone at 877-932-7990.

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