Legacy Support

Legacy support is provided for the original ImpactFolios manager and designs prior to 2019.

Important Note: Legacy designs and manager are no longer being developed. We recommend our customers migrate to the new manager, which supports all modern technologies.

Adding PDFs to your website

First, you must upload your PDF to the "Music / Video / PDF" section, you can insert these files onto any Basic HTML page, Blog page, or custom text homepage. To do so:
  1. Beneath "Pages" in your Account Management menu, click the name of the page you want the PDF file to appear. This will bring up the HTML editor for that page.
  2. Place the cursor directly in the HTML Editor window and click the "Insert / Edit Link" button located in the HTML Editor menu options. If the link is grayed out, click your cursor again in the very left corner of the window until the button appears as an option.
  3. Once the Link Dialog popup box appears, click the "Browse Server" button to pull up your list of uploaded multimedia files.
  4. Click the link of your desired file one time to insert the multimedia file path into the URL box of your Link Dialog popup box.
  5. Click OK in the Link Dialog popup box
  6. Click the Save Changes button located beneath the HTML editor window.


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