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How do I protect my images from theft?

To enable copyright protection, visit the "Image Layout" section, and turn on the copyright protection feature.

Important Notes about Copyright Protection

The copyright protection feature blocks most common methods of copying and printing images, including the right-click feature, and disables the Internet Explorer image toolbar.  We also have a hotlink blocking feature, which is enabled on all sites, which does block anyone from linking directly to your images.

Images uploaded to the site are compressed, and resampled at 72dpi, which makes them a less than suitable quality for acceptable printing.  While these images could be printed, they won't look very good at any reasonable. 

The copyright protection feature blocks the most common methods of copying and printing images, but there is no 100% way to ensure that your images can not be copied.  By design, web browsers will download a copy of your image when viewed anyway, regardless of the site or any copyright protection methods employed.  This is usually transparent to most users, and the images are usually discarded by the web browsing software.

For members that have particular concerns about their images being stolen, we generally recommend watermarking your images with your copyright information prior to uploading.  This at least ensures that your copyright appears on every image, and also makes copying and printing less attractive.

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